Tuscany Tour

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TUSCANY TOUR EXPERIENCE by Grand Hotel Tamerici & Principe


Tuscany, your second home. With us.  

Verdant landscapes, millenary history and picturesque towns.

Magical Tuscany is yours to live, and we shall deliver.

We will provide you a personal chauffeur and a private minibus:

  • Valet service to and from the airport.  
  • Every destination you’ve ever dreamt of visiting is next to us:
    • The Major Towns - Pisa, Florence, Siena
    • The hidden gems - Lucca, Pistoia, San Gimignano, Volterra
    • The awe-inspiring landscapes - Chianti Region, Bolgheri, the Etruscan coast
    • The great shopping centers - the Versilian Coast and Barberino del Mugello



Ask your concierge @ Grand Hotel Tamerici & Principe, Montecatini Terme.

Tel: +39 0572 71041.

E-Mail: info@hoteltamerici.it  

Furthermore, thanks to the hotel’s strategic position inside the Tuscan Region, every main destination is also reachable by train. Lucca and Pistoia are within a 25 minutes trip, Florence is just an hour away from us, and Pisa will take you no more than 90 minutes.


And we will provide you all the infos and the help you may need.   


You will step through the centuries-old alleys of Pisa, and taste the world renowned tuscan food and wine amongst the magnificent architectures of Florence and Lucca. The awe-inspiring sights of nature of the Chianti Region, Siena and San Gimignano are yours to live and tell. Everything is just a few miles away from your Tamerici & Principe Grand Hotel, and our private minibus will comfortably take you to the destination of your chosing.




Visit this world famous tuscan city, home to the renowned Leaning Tower of Pisa. Enjoy the marvelous architectures in Piazza dei Miracoli, from the Museo delle Sinopie (which holds the preparatory drawings of famous paintings and frescoes), to the Pisa Cathedral, where Galileo Galilei formulated his theory of isochronism. Have a walk in Pisa's tortuos alleys or follow the roads along the glistering waters of the Arno river. For a truly unique experience, enjoy the artisanal ice cream in the well known De' Coltelli Gelateria, or visit Viale Italia, a lesser known street home to the best shopping and fashion boutiques in Pisa.  


01 luccaTOUR IN LUCCA 
Lucca is a lovely town about 20 miles away from Montecatini Terme. As soon as you get under its roman walls, you will be fascinated by the city's imposing presence. Experience the peculiar sensation of taking a step back in time, while walking  through Lucca's squares, churches and alleys. Lucca is also the perfect destination if you enjoy a leisurely bike ride, with its wall road extending all over the city perimeter.  



02 san gimignano


San Gimignano is a medieval town climbing up the hill countryside near Siena; its tower houses and circling walls cut the skyline for an unforgettable sight. Its buildings comprehend Romanesque, manieristic and gothic architectures, wich contain paintings, scultures and frescoes stemming from the 14th century. This is a great destination if you enjoy italian wine: the town is home to the Vernaccia di San Gimignano, obtained from the Vernaccia grapes growing on the sandstone ridges on the nearby hills.


02 san gimignano
Volterra is a town in the Province of Pisa, well known for its harmonius merging of etruscan, roman and late renaissance architectures. The city 
preserves its original etruscan structure, with the acropolis still preserving the classical temple foundations and the typical etruscan cemeteries, obtained from natural caves (hypogea). Volterra is also famous for the extraction and artisanal working of alabaster stone. This is the preferred destination for those who want to witness the archaeological marvels of pre-roman architectures and culture.


03 firenze


Florence is the capital of the region of Tuscany. The city's been the centre of the cultural and scientific revolution known as the Renaissance, and its growing fame and prestige over the centuries earned it the title of Italian Capital from 1865 to 1871. Much of the original prestige and fame is preserved and can be witnessed by walking among its the architectures and world-famous museums. The city is visited by millions of tourists each year, coming from all over the world to visit the Uffizi museum, Palazzo Pitti, the Historic Centre or the awe inspiring scenic view of the city by Piazzale Michelangelo. Florence is also known as one of Italy's most important fashion capitals, rivaling with the top fashion hubs of the world.

04 sienaTOUR IN SIENA 

In the middle of the Tuscan countryside, after a lovely ride through the gentle-rolling Chianti Roads, lies the city of Siena, a medieval town wich still preserves its original medieval topology, and home to the Palio of Siena. Step through the narrow ancient streets, until you reach the amphitheatre shaped Piazza del Campo, where the Monte dei Paschi di Siena is located, the most ancient bank in the world. Leaving from Hotel Tamerici & Principe in Montecatini Terme you can make a lovely excursion to Siena, visiting the most evocative corners of the city. 



In the Tuscan province of Livorno, following the 5 kilometres long Cypress Road, a medieval castle rises overlooking the surrounding hills and the near Tuscan sea. Around this fortification was built the town of Bolgheri, where the D.O.P Bolgheri rosso wine is produced. The place makes for a lovely trip in the nearby countryside and seaside, for all the history and nature lovers, and is among the italian enogastronomic excellences: a true hidden gem in the Tuscan territory. 


07 barberino outlet


For all the italian-style fashion lovers, Grand Hotel Tamerici & Principe has organised a shopping tour in the famous outlet of Barberino del Mugello or, if you prefer a trip to the seaside, to the shopping boutiques in Versilia.